Our Digital Transformation solutions and services help clients identify the gaps in their strategy and invest in the best open technologies, offering key insights to drive their digital strategy.

Application Development

Our development and modernization services help clients transform and upgrade applications to newer technologies and architectures in order to deliver services in a more efficient and effective manner. By leveraging the latest technology stack, we help clients improve their operations through modern and up-to-date applications. We achieve solutions by using a mix of current and emerging technologies:
App Dev
Test Automation

QA and Test Automation

Our software quality assurance experts are ready to support you through every stage of your software development process. CDS’s broad expertise in software testing allows is to give clients the benefit of a full QA department without the hassle of hiring and HR.

Offshore development

Cascades Data Solutions offers offshore delivery services that allow our clients to gain a competitive edge by reducing operational costs, increasing business/operational hours, and allowing businesses to focus on delivery of their core services.
Offshore Dev

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Project Management

Project Management

Cascades Data Solutions offers professional project management services to assists our clients in achieving an organized and efficient management of their projects from start to end.


Cloud Enablement

Simplify IT with cloud services that reduce capital costs, enhance security and enable mobility without increasing the burden on your agency.


Business Process Management

Our BPM solutions give you umatched insight into your business processes and enable you to make educated decisions, which can then be deployed across your entire agency.


Agile and DevSecOps

Adapt to changing requirements, break silos, build and deploy software with speed using industry-leading Agile and DevSecOps practices that allow your enterprise to evolve with the IT landscape.


Data management

Reveal the patterns and trends among employees, users and stakeholders across your agency that enable you to make educated decisions that advance your bottom line.


Artificial Intelligence

By combining data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning practices, we provide clients with the ability to glean actionable insights from under-utilized data.

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